Doors are central to how you feel about your home. They are the way into your home and its eyes on the world outside. They are your connection to the outside world, and what protects you from it. And, uniquely, they are the only part of your home to have an external and an internal aspect.

  • Composite Doors

The door to your house is the gateway to your home. Your choice of entrance door and the way it looks influences your home’s architectural expression. Therefore it is important that you carefully consider the opening and closing functions and the designs available from Ecotec Windows & Doors. Colour is another important aspect of expression to consider with a wide range of internal and external options for your project.

  • Aluminium Clad Door

Ecotec supply a range of Aluminium Clad Doors ranging in styles that are contemporary and classic. Our range of Aluminium clad doors are available in a wide range of styles and colours to suit both domestic and commercial installations. All of our Aluminium clad doors offer a natural timber effect for easy maintenance indoors and outdoors. Timber is the predominant material, with an external aluminium cladding.

  • Timber Composite Doors

ALDUS Timber Composite Doors are suited for new-build and refurbishment projects where a modern façade appearance is desired. ALDUS energy-efficient windows and doors reduce energy consumption in the house thanks to their construction, and the external aluminium cladding makes ALDUS maintenance-free and slightly better than DOMUS in terms of energy efficiency. Timber is the dominant material in all cases.

  • Wooden Doors

These are available as inward or outward opening. They are hung on grey powder-coated adjustable hinges and fitted with a minimum three-point locking espagnolette bolt. Our wide range of Wooden Doors suit both domestic and commercial installations, internally or externally fitted.

  • Rationel Door Handle with Roses & Backplates

The new Rationel door handles released for sale. The Rationel door handle range consist of door handles with roses & door handles with backlates.